How do I book a property?

You can book a property using the on line system; follow out the procedure described in the section BOOKING INFO> HOW TO BOOK:

Which documents do I need to send to finalize a reservation?

To finalize a reservation you need to send a copy of the booking form duly filled and signed, a copy of an identity document/passport of the person making the reservation and the evidence of payment.

What are Dream Holidays' payment methods?

Dream Holidays’ payment methods are the following: bank transfer and credit card. Further details can be found in the section BOOKING INFO> HOW TO BOOK:

Where can I find the regulations and sales conditions?

The regulations and sales conditions are available in the relative section BOOKING INFO> GENERAL SALES CONDITIONS:

How can I cancel my reservation?

It is possible to cancel a reservation sending an email/fax to the agency in which you indicate your motivation. All details about penalties are clearly mentioned in the section BOOKING INFO> GENERAL SALES CONDITIONS:

Do I need an insurance?

Our agency recommends its customers to take out a suitable Private Insurance (optional) directly from the country of residence.

How can I log to my reserved area?

You can log to your reserved area from Dream Holidays’home page, clicking on the link RESERVED AREA down on the right side of the page:

How can I check my booking details?

All booking details can be checked directly from your RESERVED AREA on Dream Holidays’s web site, through the section RESERVATIONS>OPEN> BOOKING DETAILS.

How can I recover my password?

You can recover your password using the link FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD? that you find in the section RESERVED AREA, below the required fields for access details: If you prefer, you can recover your forgotten password contacting us directly at the following email address:

How can I take an option?

You can option a property following the procedure carefully described in the section BOOKING INFO > HOW TO OPTION:

How long does an option last?

Optionscan last 72, 48 or 24 hours, depending on the period in which the request is made. Expiry date will be clearly mentioned among the details of the option; after the designate deadline the property will become free for other customers and available for on line booking.

Is it possible to change the number of guests before departure?

It is possible to modify the number of guests before departure within the accommodation capability limits allowed and published on Dream Holidays’web site. Any change shall be compulsorily and promptly communicated to the agency.


What does the property price include?

All services included in the property price are mentioned under the apposite heading SERVICES INCLUDED IN THE RENTAL for every structure published on Dream Holidays’web site.

How much deposit do I need to pay to confirm the booking?

To confirm the booking you need to transfer a down payment of 25% of total amount + euro 35 as booking costs, within and no later two working days from the moment the reservation is made.

When is my booking balance due?

Balance for the booking has to be transferred within 45 days prior to the day of arrival; for reservations made less than 45 days prior to the first day of the rental period, you’ll be asked to pay the full amount within two working days from the moment the reservation is made.

Are there transaction costs for the payment?

In case of payment by bank transfer, the transaction costs will depend on the conditions and policies applied by the customer’s bank. Credit card costs amount to 2,5%. It is recalled that any additional cost and, in any case, relative to banking transactions may not be charged to Dream Holidays.

Why was my credit card transaction not successful?

When your credit card transaction does not go through, that’s usually because:

a) the page to complete the on line payment was early abandoned, without waiting for the system to re-load correctly; that means you always need to check the operation has been successfully completed before abandoning the page;

b) you didn’t update the secure code of your credit card.
In the event you’re still unable to finalize the operation for issues that go beyond a temporary system failure, we recommend you to take contact with your bank.

Do I have to pay a tourist tax for the booked structure?

The municipality statute at the destination of your stay sets the conditions about tourist tax.
If this additional cost is present, the relative amount will be clearly mentioned under the apposite heading SERVICES AT AN ADDITIONAL FEE (TO PAY AT ARRIVAL), in the PRICES section of every property published on Dream Holidays’web site. Please, note that the presence and relative amount of the tourist tax might be modified by local authorities without prior notice to the agency; for this reason you might frequently find the following indication: ‘to pay directly to the owner of the house if due’.

What is security deposit? How do I have to pay it and when do I get it back?

The security deposit is a sum that the customer has to pay the owner or his representative upon arrival in the property to protect from possible damages caused to the structure or furnishings/fittings during the stay. Said amount has to be paid by cash and it’s indicated under the apposite heading SECURITY DEPOSIT (PAYABLE UPON ARRIVAL), in the PRICES section of every property published on Dream Holidays’web site. The security deposit will be returned to the customer at the moment of departure after a check-out of the house condition and with possible deduction for any caused damage or extra costs that were not included in the rental price. For further details, please visit the section BOOKING INFO>BOOKING CONDITIONS>SECURITY DEPOSIT: